Thursday, March 19, 2009

Talk About "Cold Cases"

Scottish police recently removed human bones and bits of cloth discovered on a Scottish farm for forensic analysis. Unfortunately, it wasn't, as the police thought, the scene of a crime--at least not a recent one. The bones (and cloth) had been there for 4,000 years.

On the other hand, Jonathan Hampton, the farmer who uncovered the burial, immediately had an idea of what he was looking at and called Historic Scotland, the National Museums of Scotland, and local police explaining he had found an archaeological site.

The police got there first and told Mr. Hampton they were only going to take pictures.

Mr. Hampton believes that some of the artifacts were destroyed or lost by police.

Historic Scotland has defended the police on the grounds that they were obligated to investigate an "unexplained death."

There is no word on whether the police actually did come up with an explanation.

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Simon said...

I'm sure they'll mange to fit someone up for it.

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