Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Round-up of the latest news

So far, so good....a grand jury met today without indicting young David Kernell, the University of Tennessee student who is believed to have hacked Sarah Palin's email account.

The conservative public has expressed a good deal of outrage that poor Mrs. Palin's privacy was violated in such a manner. And rightly so--it's due to sexism, no doubt. Nobody would ever have hacked a male candidate's email account: it's unthinkable.

And of course, the outrage has reached such a fever pitch that it's clouded many normally acute minds: in a discussion of this case, one of the most listened-to commentators in America was so furious he seems to have forgotten about the First Amendment.

But this young scamp's shenanigans did give me pause--at least momentarily. I was worried that someone so dim as to conduct state business on a Yahoo! account protected with security questions that could be answered with publicly available information might not be up to the task of national office. But then I relaxed. She's got some pretty sharp guys around her: after all, John McCain did invent the Blackberry.

I must confess to some concern that in all the buzz about Sarah Palin, email hacking, and all this campaign nonsense, we've forgotten what's really important: the war on terror. Did you know that the tireless patriots at the TSA are so overworked protecting us they don't have the resources to make sure they themselves undergo security screenings?

The next time you fly, show them you care. Bring flowers, chocolates, or offer to buy them a drink--as long as it's under 3 ounces, of course.

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