Saturday, June 13, 2009


..I shouldn't be posting "The Week in Food" so early in the week. If I had waited 'til Thursday I could added have this lovely dress made of meat to the line-up.

I would hate to be her dry cleaner.

In other news the Berlin restaurant scene has attracted the notice of the New York Times travel section. I can imagine the tourism slogans now: "Berlin--come for the museums. Stay for the asparagus ice cream."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Week in Food

Thanks to the good people at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, you'll be able to taste history this summer.

Every fat has its day. History shall look back on this time as the Lard Moment.

Remember those seventeenth-century still-life paintings of just-killed game, loaves of bread, or glasses of wine? Artist Abbey Ryan has, shall we say, Americanized the genre.

Professor Murali Doraiswamy of Duke University has done all us a great service: he's given us yet another reason to eat Indian food.

I guess when you really want your coffee, you really want your coffee.

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