Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looks Like We Need A New TSA....

...to police the old TSA:

Over the past year, an enterprising baggage screener in Newark made off with over 100 items from passenger luggage: a cell phone here, a $50,000 camera belonging to an HBO film crew there......

It's unsurprising that the TSA has trouble securing passenger luggage, since they can't even secure their own uniforms and badges:

A government watchdog group's report found dozens of examples of former employees keeping their uniforms and security badges long after they've left the job.

One officer had an active pass to secure areas 827 days after leaving the TSA. In 73 cases, offices that monitor security passes weren't notified when an employee quit. And the agency lost track of former security officers' uniforms 82 times.

To be fair, since a lot of TSA employees are part time and make around $14.00 an hour, they probably can't afford to buy new clothes. They may steal those uniforms just to have something to wear. Or maybe they sell them on eBay to raise a few bucks.

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