Saturday, February 2, 2008

To close out the week....

....I decided to post about an item from the lighter side of German news to counterbalance the Nazi theme I started a few days earlier.

Mexican ambassador to Germany Jorge Castro-Valle is outraged that one of the hit songs in Germany for the past ten weeks has been Finger im Po, Mexico (Finger in the Butt, Mexico). He has called the song a "disgusting and disrespectful way to use Mexico's name."

Frankly, I think the ambassador's outrage is misplaced. Mexico's international image will in no way suffer from this: the roaring success of a song with a title beginning "Finger in the Butt" does say something unfortunate about a country--it's just not Mexico.

In any case, the song's performer, Mickey Krause,
doesn't understand why Castro-Valle is upset:
"Ich singe auf der Bühne auch: ,Finger in die Vagina, Bosnien Herzegowina.‘ Darüber hat sich auch noch niemand aufgeregt." ("On stage I sing, 'Finger in the Vagina, Bosnia-Herzegovina.' Nobody's complained about that.")

And if you've really got a lot of time to waste (and if you're reading this blog, don't pretend otherwise), you can listen to the song here.

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