Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Talk about repurposing....

A new luxury apartment building has opened in the Charlottenburg area of Berlin. Thanks to the superb location and beautiful rooms, apartments in the Atrion are being snapped up. But since the monthly rents start at $6,000, I don't think I'll try to take up residence.

The marketers for the building are fond of using the word 'Tradition.' The Atrion even has a brief note on the history of this very elegant area of Berlin. However nowhere on the website (at least that I can find) is there any mention of the history of the building itself. Which is a pity, as it is a respectable 100 years old. But then again if they discuss the building's history they might have to mention that during the late thirties and early forties the building was known as the Reichskriegsgericht. It was a Nazi military court where over 1400 dissidents were sentenced to death.

This situation cries out for some blisteringly bitter jokes, but I'm just not up to the job right now.

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