Monday, November 1, 2010

Says It All, Doesn't It?

From a recent episode of Studio 360 on Tea Party singer-songwriters. During the segment on Chris Cassone, Derek John began pressing Cassone for specifics when he talked about the changes in American society since Obama's election and America's "enemies within." Cassone's response:

"My mother was Irish. My father was Italian. I have an Irish attitude and an Italian temper. And for me to debate, it's not for me. I've seen myself, I get all flustered, I can't back and forth with somebody...that's why I'm singing. I feel safer in that realm than trying to debate...anybody."

Translation: "I have completely abdicated my responsibilities as a rational being. I refuse to control my emotions and I blame it all on genetics. And God forbid I should actually have to discuss anything with someone else because then I might have to think. The 2,400-year-old consensus that a citizen of a civilized society is someone who exercises self-control and reasonably discusses the issues of the day with his peers--I want no part of it. I'll just sing so I won't have to listen to anyone else."

The new face of American conservatism. Yahoos like this will determine the composition of the 112th Congress.

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