Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Idiot America Watch

Some of the good people in Phoenix, Arizona have been protesting the construction of a mosque in their midst. Now, let's just set aside the whole Islamophobia issue, and let's ignore the apparent "refudiation" (as Sarah Palin would say) of this country's avowed tradition of religious tolerance.

Let's get to the fact that the mosque is actually an interdenominational church. These protestors were simply confused by the building's appearance. When it's finished, it'll have a dome:

You can understand why these earnest patriots are confused. I mean, churches never have domes:

And furthermore, there's just something un-American about a building with a dome:

So when you see a building under construction and you notice a dome taking shape, it just makes sense to assume it's a mosque, right?

Hat tip to my friend Simon Pride for this story.


Author Tami Jackson said...

Hilarious. Loved it! Hahaha.

Kevin said...


Author Tami Jackson said...

I have shared this entry with a number of people. It amazes me, how we as a society like to laugh at how stupid civilization was back during the witch hunts. Yet one must wonder how is this any different? Instead of broom sticks (or besoms) modern witch hunters seem to be targeting mosques.

Seems as a society we really haven't evolved.

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