Saturday, May 1, 2010

News Roundup

The Arizona Department of Education is now requiring schools to remove from classrooms teachers who speak heavily accented English or who make grammatical errors.

Why do I have a feeling that the targeted teachers won't include light-skinned teachers with strong Southern* accents who use "good" as an adverb and haven't mastered the subjunctive? Iowa congressional candidate Pat Betroche, there's not much difference.

But arguably it beats being likened to grasshoppers.

Thanks to six years of lobbying by his mother and the intervention of his Congressman, eight-year-old Mikey Hicks is no longer on a TSA list subjecting him to extra security measures. Other kids--some of them as young as five or six--aren't so lucky.

And this morning Sarah Palin thanked the people of Michigan for "clinging" to their "guns and religion" and railed against "big government and big spending." I wonder if that big spending her audience is so against includes the $7.3 billion in federal funds awarded to Michigan?

*Or Maine, Bronx--insert the American accent of your choice.

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