Wednesday, May 19, 2010

America's Finest at Work

It's about three weeks now since the men in blue saved Times Square from the threat of a ticking non-bomb created by an incompetent...I mean, a criminal mastermind, so now Homeland Security is trying to head off the next danger facing us:

Vermont farmers.

Or, to be more specific, Vermont farmers whose lands border that hotbed of smuggling and terrorist training camps: Quebec.

The Department of Homeland Security has told Vermont dairy farmer Clement Rainville that unless he sells the 4.9 acres of his hayfield that are on the Canadian border to the U.S. government, they will simply seize it under imminent domain.

Adjacent to the Rainville family farm is the Morses Line Port of Entry (a Port of Entry is the official term for one of those roadside stations where border officials stop you, look at your passport, and ask you inane questions that are none of their business). DHS wants to upgrade the Morses Line Port of Entry facility, which was built in 1936.

I can understand the burning need for a new facility at a PoE that carries the burden of vetting 3 cars an hour* and is open four hours a day.

*When it's really busy.

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