Sunday, April 11, 2010

After Long Silence....

I'm back to posting, with the intention (sigh) of doing so on a more regular basis. My neglect of this blog was a pity, since the last couple of months were a great time to snark about the absurdity of American life: we've had shrieks of socialism! in response to a Republican health care plan that is a bonanza for private insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

And the conservatives who aren't totally distracted worrying about how they're going to look in those Chairman-Mao gray suits we'll all soon be forced to wear are panicking that the country will soon be defenseless. After all, Obama just negotiated a treaty with the Russkies that will leave us with only enough nukes to destroy all life two or three times, instead of the usual eight or nine. The treaty also has the shocking proviso that we'll only use nuclear weapons against countries we don't like,* so you can see why there's cause to believe the Republic is in its final days.

To compound Republican disappointment, they held a leadership conference in New Orleans this week.: I imagine some party donors found Bourbon Street a little tame compared to what they're used to.

In other news, Pope Benedict apparently doesn't consider raping children defying the doctrine of priestly celibacy. **

*Watch out, France.
**Maybe it's a variation on the college student belief that oral sex isn't really sex: if it's only with kids it doesn't count....

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