Monday, February 1, 2010

After Long Silence....

Oy. It's been a month since I've blogged. That's a new record even for me. In my defense I've been busy with some Globe book reviews, and in my librarian life I've been taking a distance ed. class on archival materials that in terms of intellectual excitement is right up there with watching ice melt.

But speaking of library work, one of the things I'm supposed to keep up with are efforts to ban books. And I learned of one such campaign recently. It seems one of the good people of Culpeper County Virginia have successfully bullied, I mean persuaded, the spineless idiots, I mean officials, of the local school district to stop assigning the definitive edition of Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl to their students. Apparently the definitive edition includes Anne's struggles with her own burgeoning sexual desires and even what this protesting parent called "homosexual themes."

I'll have to admit I'm shocked: a teenage girl confused about sex? And confiding her feelings to her diary? That never happens.

Nevertheless, I support this parent in her effort to keep the youth of Culpepper County unspotted from the world. By keeping that edition of Anne Frank's diary out of the schools, she saved the young from corrupting influences.

Because the movies never deal with teen sexuality. And I'm sure none of these kids have ever seen an episode of The L Word. Or Will and Grace.


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