Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Week in Food

Sauteed mealworms, deep-fried scorpions, and lizard on a stick. What else can it be but the Arizona State Fair?

Use common sense, people: nothing says looking for trouble like putting in an order for mozarella caprese.

If you're in California or Nebraska, and you bought beef tongue recently, check for tonsils. Repeat: check for tonsils.

Mmmmmm. Watermelon sausage.

With the recession, demand for alligator hide purses is down. Alligator burgers? That's another story.


Annmarie said...

Can you give a girl a little warning when you are going to post nightmare-inducing photos?

I almost sent you the tonsil story the other day, but it was too gross to forward :)

Elaine Lorraine said...

Scorpions! Sometimes I just get so tired of humans...they'll eat anything.

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