Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who's A Lesbian? Seriously...Who's A Lesbian?

Dmitris Lambrou wants the matter settled once and for all.

He's the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece, for their use of the term that also describes the inhabitants of his home island, Lesbos. The suit alleges that the use of the term 'Lesbian' for girls who like girls (and I think you know the kind of 'like' I mean), causes international embarrassment for the 100,000 inhabitants of Lesbos.

"My sister can't say she's a Lesbian," Lambrou laments.

I have two reactions to this news story.

A) The Greeks need to knock it off; stupid lawsuits are an American thing. Just because we're in our waning days as a superpower doesn't mean other countries can start co-opting our shticks.

B) Like China, the international Lesbian community is a giant that has lain dormant for centuries. This lawsuit portends the awesome power they can wield. Change your name, ladies! The world trembles in fear awaiting the next collective term for members of the Sapphic persuasion. What will Lesbians start calling themselves next? Baptists? Texans? Russians? Mormons? Lesbians have the power to make introductions to strangers a humiliating ordeal for millions rather than just the thousands who inhabit some rinky-dink island.

What's stopping them?

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