Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oh. Canada.

FP Passport recently featured a post about the candidates' foreign policy gaffes--leading with Mike Huckabee's admission that he had never heard of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran.

Far funnier but equally terrifying in its own way: last year Canadian television personality Rick Mercer convinced* Huckabee that the Canadian Parliament meets in a giant igloo.**

*'Convinced' is perhaps too strong a word, suggesting some persuasion was necessary. Apparently it wasn't.

**To be fair, at least Huckabee knows Canada is an independent nation (at least I think he does). As late as World War II, most Americans assumed Canada was governed from London. When Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, Cordell Hull (Roosevelt's secretary of state) is said to have called the Canadian Embassy to find out if London's declaration of war meant that Canada was at war as well. Or do you people declare war on your own now, eh?

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